How to deploy a WaterWall demonstration video:


How to deploy a WaterWall steps:

Flood Defence Systems

Step 1

When the barrier is not deployed, the opening remains unobstructed allowing full access as and when required.
Flood Barriers

Step 2

When the threat of flooding becomes apparent, commence the deployment process by unfastening ground insert dust caps with screwdriver or similar.
Flood Protection

Step 3

Once the caps have been loosened across the entire barrier length, lift the caps out to prepare each insert for deployment of demountable post.
Flood Protection

Step 4

Before inserting the demountable post, please ensure that the post and ground insert are free from any debris.
Removable Flood Barriers

Step 5

Insert demountable post into ground insert ensuring located correctly (note FRONT indicated) and finger tighten (only) the top securing nut.
Removable Flood Barriers

Step 6

Continue this process along the entire barrier length until all posts are deployed.
Flood Protection

Step 7

Begin inserting the first panel into the rails, ensuring that you start with the rubber sealing bottom panel first (these panels have seals on both top and bottom).
Flood Protection

Step 8

Continue the process of inserting all panels along the entire barrier length, ensuring all bottom panels are lowest, then middle panels, then top panels
Removable Flood Barriers

Step 9

Complete the installation by inserting all panels , ensuring that all middle seals (between panels) are correctly seated and not misplaced.
Water Wall Water Door

Step 10

Lightly secure demountable posts by using tool provided - DO NOT TIGHTEN AT THIS STAGE.
Water Wall Water Door

Step 11

Insert compression block into fixed wall post and finger tighten.
Water Wall Water Door

Step 12

Finger tighten the horizontal compression screws by hand, so that panels begin to depress against the rubber seal on the inside of the channels.
Flooding Protection

Step 13

Finger tighten the vertical compression screws on the top locking block by hand, which will depress the rubber seal on the bottom aluminium panel to the floor.
Flood Protection

Step 14

Now fully tighten Demountable Post hexagon head using the T-Bar tool through it.
Flood Protection

Step 15

Equally tighten compression blocks in fixed wall posts...
Flood Protection

Step 16

...and compression screws at the top of the demountable posts.
Flood Protection

Step 17

The horizontal screws can now be tightened. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
Flood Protection



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