Caro FDS Collaborate with Local Architect to Subtly Protect Family Home

Caro Flood Defence Systems once again demonstrated their flexibility and years of expertise by providing “bespoke” flood solutions for a high end single family dwelling on the banks of a river in Buckinghamshire.As part of the planning consent, and to generally safeguard the property, Caro Flood Defence Systems were commissioned to provide flood barriers to five openings ranging from just under one metre wide up to four-and-a-half metres wide. 
Caro, one of the UK’s leading Flood Defence manufacturers, collaborated with a local Architectural Practice to ensure that the design was as unobtrusive as possible so as not to diminish from the grandeur of this stunning property.  As part of this process, the ground inserts for the Caro Waterwall were adapted to suit limited floor depths, whilst the floor and surrounds were designed in such a way, that all components could be hidden from view when the flood defences are not required. 

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